Tracing Department

SA Management has many years experience in tracing people, employing a multitude of systems and verification protocols. We focus on the tracing of provident fund members with unclaimed benefits.

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Human Resources and Background checks

SA Management provides various services in human resources, including assistance and consultation in disciplinary hearings, recruitment in specialised fields as well as verification services and background checks of applicants.

Management Services – SLA Audits

SA Management can be employed to manage non-core departments in a business, allowing for management teams to focus on the core elements of the business.

Departments that are responsible for support services such as maintenance, fleet, security etc. may not have the necessary skills to adequately manage these services and ensure expedited service delivery. Service Level Agreements are often outdated or not audited regularly. In many cases, SA Management has identified discrepancies including overcharging and has successfully reversed these costs and consulted to prevent incurring further unnecessary expenses.

Verification of Customers and/or Suppliers

Corporate Events and Training

SA Management provides presentations to educate your staff on how to avoid being victims of crime, as well as deal with certain challenging circumstances in their home and work environments.

SA Management can also facilitate various training programmes and motivational orientation in association with vetted service providers in this field.

Acquisitions, Mergers and Business Growth

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