Digitization and i2S

UKS is proud to be in partnership with our international supplier i2S who have been safeguarding and disseminating the world’s heritage through developing image acquisition, processing and dissemination solutions.

Their innovative solutions manage every stage of the digitization process: image capture, processing, enhancement and sharing. To meet the digitization needs of diverse and valuable collections, UKS offer Libraries the widest range of books and historical documents scanners on the marketplace, which can handle multiple formats from tiny postage stamps to 2xA0 format documents. We also offer a wide range of software solutions constituting i2S’s LIMB Suite, meant for managing the entire digitization process from image capture to dissemination.

LIMB Software Solutions

The Limb software suite is designed to offer our customers a scalable, turnkey solution to fully manage the digitization process.

As an innovative global solution, the Limb software suite comprises several modules allowing UKS to manage every stage of the digitization process: image capture, processing, quality control, enhancement, online publication and,  management and supervision of the complete digitization.

LIMB Capture

Agile – Distortion-free scans of bound documents Automatic centring Removal of fingers and other unwanted elements With LIMB Capture, digitization is optimized and hassle free

Easy – Multiple border choices and different saving formats

Automatic – Automatic centring before and after scanning, Automatic calibration

LIMB Processing

A single tool – A unique tool for processing, enhancing, structuring and converting your collections into digital assets

Fast – Reduce your work time with automated processing and optimized workflows

Easy  – LIMB Processing has been developed to make digitization projects easy and effective

LIMB Gallery

A powerful research tool – Facetted search dynamically created with the Metadata Language based fuzzy search (spelling mistakes, similar sounds and alternative suggestions)

Customizable – The solution is delivered with 4 different design templates and full access to the template source code for customization. 

Responsive design – Engage more visitors with the ability to discover content from any platform including tablets and mobile phones. LIMB GALLERY is delivered with a fully responsive design

LIMB Maestro

Time saving – LIMB Maestro is a unique and easy solution to planning, prioritizing and optimizing digitization projects. 

Simplicity – Supervision of all stages: digitization, image processing and sharing information (or archiving)

Productivity – Quickly put higher priority jobs through the system first.

i2S is one of the founders of the standards - ISO 19264

Phenomena such as moiré, false colours, noise “debayering” all hinder the analysis of an image and therefore diagnostic decisions. 

Our team relentlessly pursue innovative improvements for image quality and is always furthering the performance of its algorithms.

i2S, also a leader in the field of heritage digitization, contributed to the development of the ISO 19264 standards to characterize the quality of an image and obtained **** FADGI for most of its scanners. 

Having confidence in the image for better diagnostic assistance. 

i2S – Projects for heritage digitization

Graduate Institute - Geneva

These days, more and more libraries are undertaking digitization campaigns of their curated works. There are several reasons for this: to provide an alternative means of consulting heritage collections, to provide access to research tools for corpora or collections, to offer printing services, to run training workshops, to create educational resources, and to disseminate knowledge locally or remotely via online libraries.

Jamia Millia Islamia University

A growing number of university libraries are now engaged in digitization campaigns. The digitization of university book collections has become essential for various reasons, such as the need for an alternative means of consultation, access to research tools for corpora or collections, printing services, training workshops, the creation of educational materials, and sharing content locally or remotely through online libraries…

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