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SA Management provides solutions in most areas of a business. Our team of specialists and our vast network of vetted service providers can provide solutions to underperforming departments, and non-compliance to SLA’s or assist with the growth of the business through various means including acquisitions and mergers. Most challenges faced by the business could be overcome with the right support.

SA Management prides itself in confidentially providing services with Honesty, Integrity and Discretion.

How we can help you

Tracing Department

SA Management has many years’ experience in tracing people, employing a multitude of systems and verification protocols. We focus on the tracing of provident fund members with unclaimed benefits.

Human Resources

SA Management provides various services in human resources, including assistance and consultation in disciplinary hearings, recruitment in specialised fields as well as verification services and background checks of applicants.

Management Services

SA Management can be employed to manage non-core departments in a business, allowing for management teams to focus on the core-elements of the business.

Verification of Customers

Many transactions are taking place through social media and other electronic means that make swindling easy. The recent surge in fraudulent transactions has made it imperative that customers and suppliers be vetted before money changes hands.

Corporate Events & Training

SA Management provides presentations to educate your staff on how to avoid being victims of crime, as well as deal with certain challenging circumstances in their home and work environments.

Acquisitions, Mergers & Growth

SA Management has vast experience in assisting small businesses to grow through a combined strategy of mergers, acquisitions, and organic growth. S A Management can assist in devising the optimal strategy for the most effective growth of a company.

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