Corporate Crime
We have the experience, resources and the proven ability to investigate the full spectrum of criminal or unethical activities, occurring in any commercial environment.

Activities such as fraud, theft, bribery, corruption, conspiracy, white and blue collar crime committed by employees, management or syndicates are successfully investigated by our highly trained and expert investigators.

Covert Investigations
Probe teams operating in pairs and equipped with sophisticated body recording equipment react to information received and are available to give evidence in a court of law or disciplinary enquiry.

Document Examination
The examination of questioned documents of various types is carried out by our Questioned Documents Examiner, who is an internationally recognised specialist.

Electronic Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
Using state of the art video/audio technical surveillance and counter-surveillance equipment we are able to offer a complete solution to our clients needs.

Fingerprint Analysis
S A Management have professional scenes of crime specialists, who are able to lift, classify and identify fingerprints in a diverse number of circumstances.

Integrity Assessments
We undertake to profile individuals, likewise pre-employment screen prospective employees through Criminal Record Search, Employment and Education Verification, Civil Court Record Search, Drivers Licence Verification and Credit Search.

Regardless of industry, the need for fast, accurate background information is critical and integrity assessments facilitate quick yet responsible hiring decisions.

Litigation Enquiries
Our specialist investigators provide a back-up service to the legal fraternity, gathering and providing evidence and information in support of various litigation matters.

Patent Infringements
Copyright and patent infringements and product piracy present a serious threat to commerce and industry alike. S A Management possess the skills and experience to obtain the necessary evidence to mitigate losses and protect the clients rights.

Polygraph Truth Verification
We carry out pre-employment screening, periodic and specific examinations.

Risk Assessment
Comprehensive surveys are carried out with a view to risk reduction and loss prevention, with subsequent audits and management service provided.

Recommendations accompany the identified risks and guidance is supplied for their implementation.

We provide both static and vehicle observation, with photographic and video evidence provided.

Test Purchasing
S A Management provide a service where sales staff and till operator efficiency and honesty are tested, reported and video/audio recorded by teams of investigators.

Undercover Investigators
We supply trained male and female operatives. The weekly reports will provide an overview of criminal and unethical activities that affect the client organisation, with follow-up provided to enable the client to legally dismiss or criminally prosecute the culprits.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance when infiltrating an investigator into a clients workforce. No contact or communication other than that which is work related, is permitted between the client and the undercover operator, who is purely an intelligence gatherer. The investigator is treated in all respects as a normal employee. Weekly written reports are provided detailing information related to criminal activity, productivity and labour relations matters which come to the investigators notice. The minimum period suggested for this type of operation is two months, although numerous clients retain our staff on a permanent basis.

Corporate  Investigators  &  Risk  Consultants
• Discretion

• Integrity

• Confidentiality